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Free Shipping Fashion Chic Mens pure Silk Satin Pocket Square handerchief Hanky Plain Solid Color 6pFree Shipping Fashion Chic Mens pure Silk Satin Pocket Square handerchief Hanky Plain Solid Color 6pPrice:US $18
Mens Silk Satin Pocket Square Hankerchief Hanky Plain Solid Color Cocktail Party Wedding 1. Material: 100% pure silk charmeuse Satin 19mm no manmade fibers no cotton no polyester materials. 2. Size:...  Product Detail»
printed chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-25)printed chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-25)
Model No:wj-wsy-25 Description: 1.Specification:75D*75D 2.Composition:100%polyester 3.Density:110*78 4.Weight:61GSM 5.Width:57/58 6.Chiffon is usually used for ladies fashionable clothes.W...  Product Detail»
pinted chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-24)pinted chiffon fabric(wj-wsy-24)
Model No:wj-wsy-24 Description: 1. Specification: 75D*75D 2. Composition: 100%polyester 3. Density: 110*78 4. Weight: 61GSM 5. Width: 57/58 6. Chiffon is usually used for ladies fashionabl...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(js-1)chiffon fabric(js-1)
Model No:js-1 Description:     Chiffon fabric Composition: 100% polyester Weight: 120gsm Width: 57/58-inch Specification: 75D x 75D Style: plain Price: reasonable price for every...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(wj-yz-2)chiffon fabric(wj-yz-2)
Model No:wj-yz-2 Description: Specifications: Construction: 75D x 75D/106 x 84 Width: 58/60 inches Weight: 65gsm Usually used for fashion dresses, shi...  Product Detail»
pongee fabric(wj-qc-4)pongee fabric(wj-qc-4)
Model No:wj-qc-4 Description: Composition: 100% polyester Available construction: 75 x 75D, 50 x 50D and 75 x 150D Width: 57 to 58-inch Available finish: PA, PU, PVC, silver and...  Product Detail»
satin fabric(wj-fh-21)satin fabric(wj-fh-21)
Model No:wj-fh-21 Description: Composition: polyester Specification: 50D x 75D Fashionable and attractive design Suitable for garments, female dress, upholstery and home textile...  Product Detail»
nylon fabric(wj-fh-3)nylon fabric(wj-fh-3)
Model No:wj-fh-3 Description: Made of 100% nylon Width: 58 or 60 inches Finish: bright pearl coating Suitable for fashionable clothes Weight: 62gsm Payment Details: Pay...  Product Detail»
polyester suede fabric(wj-pt-14)polyester suede fabric(wj-pt-14)
Model No:wj-pt-14 Description: Composition: 100% polyester Construction: weft knitted Specification: 75D x 225D With embossment Width: 57 to 58 inches Customized embos...  Product Detail»
polyester suede fabric (wj-pt-13)polyester suede fabric (wj-pt-13)
Model No:wj-pt-13 Description: Composition: 100% polyester Construction: weft Specification: 75D x 160D Width: 57 to 58 inches Finish: crocodile pattern bronzing Water...  Product Detail»