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polyester satin fabric(wj-pt-10)polyester satin fabric(wj-pt-10)
Model No:wj-pt-10 Description: Material: 100% polyester Specification: 50D x 50D Construction: plain Anti-static and smooth hand feel Width: 57 to 58 inches Weight: 75...  Product Detail»
nylon fabric (wj-pt-9)nylon fabric (wj-pt-9)
Model No:wj-pt-9 Description: Material: 100% nylon fabric Specification: 15D x 15D Construction: plain Finish: dyed, waterproof and downproofs Width: 150cm Suitable fo...  Product Detail»
nylon fabric(wj-pt-8)nylon fabric(wj-pt-8)
Model No:wj-pt-8 Description: Composition: 100% nylon Specification: 70 x 70D Construction: Jacquard Width: 58 to 59 inches Finish: plain dyeing, waterproof and high breath...  Product Detail»
polyester oxford fabric(wj-pt-6)polyester oxford fabric(wj-pt-6)
Model No:wj-pt-6 Description: Composition: 100% polyester Specification: 300D x 300D DTY Construction: plain Width: 57 to 58-inch Finishes: plain dyeing, water-proof, antis...  Product Detail»
chiffon fabric(wj-pt-5)chiffon fabric(wj-pt-5)
Model No:wj-pt-5 Description: Material: 100% polyester Specifications: 50 x 75D and 75 x 75D Construction: plain or rip stop Finish: dyeing, silver-yarn, dobby and waterproof ...  Product Detail»
polyester oxford fabric(wj-pt-4)polyester oxford fabric(wj-pt-4)
Model No:wj-pt-4 Description: Composition: 100% polyester with carbon fiber Specification: 150D x 150D Construction: plain Weight: 180gsm Width: 150cm Finish and funct...  Product Detail»
210t nylon fabric(wj-pt-3)210t nylon fabric(wj-pt-3)
Model No:wj-pt-3 Description: Composition: 100% nylon Construction: plain Finish: dyed, gold pearl coating, wash and high breathable Specification: 70D x 70D/210T Width: 15...  Product Detail»
printed fabric(wj-pt-2)printed fabric(wj-pt-2)
Model No: wj-pt-2 Description: Material: 100% polyester Construction: plain Specification: 75 x 75D Finish: plain dyeing, waterproof and printing Width: 57 to 58 inches ...  Product Detail»
microfiber fabric(wj-pt-1)microfiber fabric(wj-pt-1)
Model No :wj-pt-1 Description Material: 100% polyester microfiber fabric Specification: 75D x 150D Construction: plain Finish: brushed, dyed, water-resistant and infrared treatm...  Product Detail»